VENISO has been leading innovations for gaming platforms since 2012. We have been powering app stores, monetisation, advertising, security, distribution and casual multiplayer services for games. Our Gaming platforms have served more than a billion users worldwide.

Android and HTML5 gaming platforms have multiple monetisation options. Transaction and subscription powered gaming portals can ingest game content with in-house codeless android jacket. Our platforms control access to content, advertisement within games and also modify in-app revenue from games.

MOITRIBE our multiplayer games platform focuses on Tournaments | Leader Board & Multiplayer. Some key features offered by MOITRIBE are Unique Gamer ID, cross platform compatibility (Allowing HTML5 gamer to engage with Android Native User), Unified in – game currency, Tournament engine across game genres. Social Gaming community powered by user generated content.

400,000 apps and games pre-configured in an Android store. Complete white labelled service. Give users a Google Play store type experience for Android and HTML5. Smartphone manufacturers benefit from creating their own app-store experience where they can recommend content as per device compatibility.

The global mobile gaming market in 2019 was $151.9 Billion and is expected to reach $165.9 Billion in 2020. Mobile games now account for 51% of global revenue in the gaming industry followed by console games at 25% and PC games at 24%. Key monetisation strategies for mobile games are – In-app Ads | rewarded Ads | In-app purchases | Paid Apps | In-game brand placement.

Android Game Wrapper

For those who control media discovery, here is a quick solution to go live with multiple games and control the revenue from paid game content access. Our wrapper jackets android games with light weight DRM denying game access without payment.

In- Game Revenue

Our Android wrapper solution can power a games destination where all in-game ads and in-app purchase is directed to the payment channel of preference. Example you can collect a game already configured to allow in-app purchase via channel A, wrap the game with our solution and direct in-app purchase via channel B.

Codeless content Ingestion

Our codeless wrapper has the ability to control access to content, alter advertisement channels, alter in-app purchase channels, switch in-game multiplayer engine. This solution is unique and gives Telcos, Content Aggregators and Smartphone OEMs a powerful tool to on-board game publishers effortlessly.


A unique offering to the telco community. Powering hyper casual games with multiplayer features like voice chat, video chat, tournament, social gaming community, community to drive user generated game content.

Subscription Gaming

Games offered as a bundle offering. Offer the user to access a premium gaming service void of ads and in-app purchase for a subscription value due every month/ week. Solution has already been implemented.

Game Store Front

Our revenue share model is already bringing success to OEMs and telecom companies from all around the world. If you want to create an alternate games/ apps online store we have a ready solution for you.

Developer Portal

Our game store solution is coupled with a developer platform. The developer platform supports game developers to incorporate monetisation via advertisement and payment channels pre-configured. Developer benefits from additional content discovery and revenue while your store gets new and fresh content.

Analytics & Reports

All our platforms are powered by real-time performance dashboards. These reporting tools help you keep a watch on your business performance on a time frequency you design.

VENISO platforms for Mobile gaming have been tried and tested by the industry leaders. Every partner working with our solutions have either referred us to another solution seeker OR has opted to adopt another one of our bespoke solutions. If you seek to build a direct to consumer online games business, we have a solution for you.