Direct Carrier Billing is expected to reach 6 Billion subscribers by the end of 2020. VENISO Payment platforms power every know solution encompassing carrier billing. Our platforms are trusted for performance and security. We lead the market in deploying new carrier connections with quality and speed.

Direct carrier billing is an alternate online mobile payment method that enables consumers to purchase goods, products, services and content via his Telecom Carrier Bill. The payment methods works across Internet and SMS. The Payment allows customers to pay by authenticating their mobile number with a secure PIN code sent to the individuals mobile number.

With a simple integration, we can assist brands and telecom service providers create bundled service offerings to drive engagement, loyalty, conversions, excitement, and user lifetime value. We support all the methods of carrier billing – Custom Bundling, Integrated / Hard Bundling and Add-on / Soft Bundling.

Direct carrier billing (DCB) is an online mobile payment method which allows users to make purchases by charging payments to their mobile phone carrier bill. Direct Carrier Billing fits perfectly to new consumptions’ trends coming from mobile usages. Entertainment apps and services, urban convenience with Ticketing, RCS, Audience monetization. According to Technavio in a recent research, Direct Carrier Billing will witness an incremental growth of US$ 20.14 billion globally for the period 2019-2023, with an Annual Compounded Gross Rate of 12.56%. Direct Carrier Billing offers the most frictionless user experience when it comes to digital services monetization, with a seamless flow and clear purchase funnel for a better conversion rate for Merchants.

Transaction Payments

User can pay for specification transactions with Carrier Billing. Payment is secure and can be easily operated by the user.


Carrier billing drives the largest reach for content services. Content service can be offered as bundle service OR discount


The carrier billing solution can easily be integrated. As a merchant you have both SDK & API as options.

In-app Purchase

Switching your in-app purchase could not be easier. Just wrap / jacket you application and chose the billing channel.

Codeless Integration

Control payment, advertisement, security codeless for Android content. iOS and HTML5 also supported.

Reporting Solutions

Real-time business performance reports. Threshold triggers help you better manage revenue and growth.

Greater Security

Users do not need to provide sensitive data like card number and CVV codes.

Financial Inclusion

It is estimated that DCB will cover 73% of the population by 2020. That is much larger than conventional banking systems.

Higher Conversion

A simpler checkout flow drives higher conversion.

The global consumer market is already shifting to the use of alternate payment methods. Ease of use and security being the two key drivers for its adoption. While Mobile Carrier Billing leads the pack, a gradual shift in revenue shares from Telecom Operators worldwide is helping online merchants realize the value.