While data services are the key revenue generator for many Telcos quickly moving ahead to adopt 5G. Revenue from non-data VAS services cannot be ignored in emerging markets globally. CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone), P2A (Person to Application) SMS, MCA (Missed Call Alert), and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) are some of the erstwhile popular non-data services. Telcos are also embracing residential/ corporate broadband internet service.

When you combine the force of the old with new, you get a super revenue earning solution. While CRBT and Music Streaming apps remain isolated for a large number of Telcos globally. Our platform which powers the technology behind Music Streaming and CRBT are integrated together. This provides a unique service where the music streaming user can set their CRBT while appreciating a song.

Our CRBT standalone technology platform is state-of-the-art technology solution. The platform is cost effective and can be customised to suit specific requirements. We provide a fully managed CRBT solution to take care of your technology needs.

Complete ISP Management coupled with WiFi Hotspot management. A one stop subscriber management platform for MSME ISPs globally, where they get complete Subscriber Management, Network Monitoring Tools, Inventory Management, and Hotspot Management. The advantage this product provides is a single platform taking care of all your requirements. WEFI powers the user with bundled services namely ISP management, Hotspots Management, vMOTE and Custom Router Firmware.

vMOTE is a hardware agnostic content distribution platform which uses WiFi intranet to deliver content at speeds up to 500Mbps while you are in the vicinity of the local WiFi intranet. In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Entertainment for Trains, Buses, Cruise Liners, Subway Metros and Rural area where internet access is restricted, are ideal markets for vMOTE.

Disruptive Innovation is the single thought that powers this company. Since its inception, Veniso has consistently built products that far surpass industry norms. It is working with industry leaders to power their businesses. Whether you have requirement for a Telco data or non-data VAS solution, we would have the solution. Our innovation for VAS continues both in services for data as well as non-data VAS.